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“My Story As Ashawo...
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“My Story As Ashawo” - Repented Prostitute Exposes The Real Evil In The Business

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On an interview with Gistcity Africa, this story is told by a repented prostitute who was deep into the business….If you have been visiting brothels or picking up strange girls on the road or you are thinking of doing such as a man, or you are planning on joining the business as a lady, please read her column:
She said;

I was saved by the special grace of God if not I would have been dead like so many other girls who I went into this business with and the ones whom I came before, it was at that moment that I finally confirmed that God has a special purpose for my life.

I went into prostitution in 2007 at the age of 19 when I was still a student at the university of Calabar, my roommate Gold, introduced me into the business, Gold was her codename and she was a well-known ajoko(runs girl). Every weekend she will travel to Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Kano etc. to meet with her clients, so she talked me into joining her and I did, that was how my story as ashawo began.

That was how I joined Gold with the business; I started collecting contacts of some big shots until I started travelling to those cities on my own without my roomie Gold. By the time I was done with Uni, I worked my NYSC to Abuja because that was where most of my big shot clients were based, Abuja, Kaduna and Kano. So I went into business full time.

In Abuja, I stayed in a 4 bedroom flat rented apartment with other girls, we stayed 6 in a room so we were a total of 24 girls living in that flat and each of the girls paid N6,000 every Sunday to the renter of the apartment as rent, so when you do the math, it was a total sum of N144,000 that we were paying to the renter weekly, that is N576,000 a month.

From there we go to night clubs, night shows, gardens, and sometimes we lodge in big hotels in search of clients, or sometimes for those men who are married, we bring them to our apartment and do our business with them. Many of our colleges were married women who told their husbands that they got a job in Abuja and their husbands never actually knew what kind of job their wives were doing. Prostitution was lucrative when people really forbade the business but now the challenge is high because almost every pretty girl or aspiring ones are one way or another a runs girl. So for us to survive, we were ready to do what others wouldn’t dare, go where others wouldn’t dare…

When I say do and go where others wouldn’t dare, I mean going the extra mile to seek for higher powers in order to stay above the game, not just ordinary spiritual powers that little runs girls use, I mean deeper spiritual powers, so we formed a sisterhood of runs babes. You may not know this, but I am yet to meet a runs girl that doesn’t use charm or seek protection from one baba, they all use charm these days except for the ones who are still new in the business, because even the men have gone nuclear in their own ways.

Many of us were into selling of men’s sperm after having sex with them; we sell them to some babas who offer us money for them. It is easier to have access to a man’s life when you have hold of his sperm because, you can use it to do whatever you want to do with him, any man that didn’t treat us well, we would use his sperm and do incantation and we will send fire to him and he gets burnt or we send accident to him.

There was one fateful day when one drunk young man entered our apartment and priced me low, I hadn’t worked that day because I was in the salon all day, so I decided to use him to begin the day, after the long sex which he paid very low price, he insulted me and I gathered other girls into the room and we dealt with him physically and threw him out from the balcony, I still used his sperm to send fire to him, the next day, he was burnt badly but he lived. But there are the smart ones who will demand for their sperm after sex, we will wipe off their sperm from the condom with toilet paper and give to them, we don’t give them the whole condom to avoid them using our own fluid for rituals or allow them even touch it.

We even had one baba that comes to renew our charm for us in our apartment every week, he gave us lucky charms to seduce men and to look so pretty and young, and he gave us protection charm against yahoo yahoo boys, but the consequence of using this charm was that anytime we stopped using them, we will turn old and ugly or sometimes dies mysteriously.

The baba didn’t tell us these, I only discovered it when some of my colleagues who left the business or who married started dying one by one or falling ill mysteriously or started losing their youthfulness or started behaving miserably. Even my friend Gold who later got married and left the business turned old in an instant that her husband became inquisitive, he divorced her and later she fell into depression and committed suicide.

I confronted the baba and he told me that the only way I can counter my consequence was, another life for mine that means he wanted me to sacrifice my own daughter to save my life. I fell into depression, so I started reviewing my life right from when I started this business till now and I realized that I haven’t really achieved anything or my life haven’t really changed rather I was going backwards. Another bad thing about this ashawo business is that the same money you make out of it will all go back into it as well, we buy clothes, shoes, bags and make ups, make new hair every week just to look fabulous always, and hard drugs, we never actually saved up enough money to leave the business, except the ones we sent our families who doesn’t know what we actually do in Abuja.

So I started plotting how I was going to leave, I started going to church and listening to the word of God and ever since, I have been receiving peace in my mind that I had never received in my life. I met a real pastor and he brought me out of the darkness into the light, now I thank God that I’m free.

Since I left the business, I been living my life looking up to God to forgive me for all the sins that I committed and the people I ended their lives, both by directly cutting their lives short and by bringing them into this business only for me to see them die in the struggle, I have been waiting to meet my own consequences, so I decided to use this opportunity to share my story because my rebirth would not be complete without loading off my encounter.

I want to use this medium to appeal to every young girls out there looking to join the thread, please and please… it is not worth it! Better seek knowledge by focusing on your studies or look for a petty business and do and grow it, it is better than going down this dark road that has swallowed many pretty girls and will probably swallow you.



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