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Luci The Marine Enchantress Episode 3

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A Story By Francis Okonkwo

(Forbidden Love)


A handsome and charming young man, with a child-like innocent looks who had a particular strong effect on the ladies, he was a talented and skillful hair stylist but hardly yielded to the side attractions. His name was Joseph, Joe for short. Joe has been Luci’s favorite stylist for a while until he resigned from the salon where she usually visited to get her hair done; now Joe is a bartender in a club.


Luci ran into Joe one night at the bar, she was running away from assassins who were trying to kill her that night and ran into the club where she met Joe who she recognized as her former stylist. It appeared that her late husband Leonard’s ex-wife, Ada, had sent some assassins to kill Luci. She told Joe to hide her, some people was after her life, and Joe was confusingly shocked seeing the way she barged into the place.


Joe quickly hid her under a bar cabinet. Few seconds later two men entered the bar and looked around searching for her; they approached Joe and showed him a picture of her, asking if they had seen her. Joe comported himself and told them that he had not seen her. Suspecting that Joe could be hiding her, one of the men went straight to the rest room inside the bar and searched for her but couldn’t find her. They left but didn’t go far as they were outside waiting for her to make a move so they can catch her.


Joe hid Luci until his shift ended in the early morning, he managed to smuggle Luci into his car unseen and drove to his house. Joe was living in a tiny self-contained apartment, not much of an apartment for Luci to stay in; she had got no option but to blend in for a while. Luci figured she could use Joe to get out of town so to seduce him was not a problem. She was impressed by how Joe handled the situation maturely back there at the bar, how he showed calm and self-possession in the faces of those unpleasantly looking men who were out to kill her.


Luci needed to stay low for a while until she was ready to get out of town; she was supposed to live in Joe’s apartment for weeks. There was nothing Joe could offer someone like Luci, he has not gotten any wealth so he was not her type, but it was the last place anyone who knew her would come looking for her. So in that few weeks, Joe had made himself useful, he has been her source of pleasure, he made her laugh all the time and she has been so relaxed, at ease and quite comfortable living with him in his house that she almost forgot that she was being haunted. It appeared that Luci was beginning to fall in love with Joe because she had never felt this harmony before until she met Joe.


Weeks turned to months and Luci has seemed to have forgotten about all her problems, they were both hanging out together and having fun. Until one day when Luci was alone in the house, she was bored and lonely because Joe was not around, she had gotten too attached to him, and he was out to work that day, she decided to go outside to the nearby grocery store to buy some wine. On her way back she ran into one of Ada’s nieces, Tina, who was living with Ada and Leonard when they were both still living as a couple before Luci came in and destroyed their home.


Luci was shocked when they both ran into each other; Tina secretly followed her to take note of which house she was going to enter but Luci managed to evade her. When she got to the room she was restless and she panicked till Joe came back home from work. When she heard sound door she panicked and ran to hide herself, but when she saw it was Joe, she came out. Joe became concerned and asked her why she was acting strangely, she told him who she ran into and explained how his house was no longer safe for her.


Her next plan was to leave town but she could not leave Joe behind as she has grown too attached to him, she persuaded him to come with her. Joe could not leave his job in town to follow a lady to another city where he knows no one, since jobs are really hard to come by. She told him that his life too was at stake, since those assassins seemed to have seen his face at the bar when they came for her, if they are told that she was seen around there and when they come for her again and met him, they were going to know that Joe hid her the first time and assume he knew where to find her. Luci agreed to take care of him as she has a lot of money which she made off all of her victims. Joe agreed and they left early in his car and to another town.


Meanwhile, at Luci’s marine kingdom they had beginning to notice that Luci has been less available and more absent from her duty, she has seemed to be avoiding contact with them for the past few months, it seemed that Luci had abandoned the kingdom. So the mother queen sent some spies to investigate Luci. The first spy she sent came to warn Luci about the mother queen’s disappointment in her absence from duty, only to discover that not only that she was absent but she has found love on earth as falling in love with their victims is highly forbidden in their kingdom.


Luci and Joe moved into a new apartment in another city, and they continued their romantic escapade, they became two inseparable love birds. All Luci wanted was to spend the rest of her days loving Joe, she had never felt emotion this deep in her entire life, she will choose to feel special for the rest of her life over moving from home to home wrecking people’s lives. She knew the consequences of her disobedience to her mother queen, but where was she when she almost lost her life to the consequence of an assignment given to her by her mother queen? It was Joe that was there to save her. No one in the kingdom has ever fallen in love with any of their victims and lived to tell the story but Luci was the favorite in the kingdom, but Luci would take her chances.


The first spy the mother queen sent to investigate Luci returned to break the news of her falling in love with one of her victims, the mother queen became furious at the news. Jealous that someone has taken Luci away from her kingdom, she again sent another mermaid to go and warn Luci of the consequences of her actions, but she never yielded, so again and again more messengers were coming from the kingdom in different forms to warn Luci, they started demanding for Joe’s blood.


 Few days later Luci went into depression, she became worried the thought of losing Joe. All her life Luci had felt she was alone until she met Joe, but she was worried that she was going to lose him and go back to her boring life of destroying me, Joe has given her a purpose in live and soon the kingdom will soon take him away from her. Luci was not going to allow them take Joe without a fight, but in light of all these Luci could not explain it to Joe since he noticed Luci’s mood change and tried to enquire.


One day the mother queen came by herself to visit Luci, Luci was alone in the house and was preparing to go out when the door opened and behold! It was the mother queen herself, Luci was shocked, immediately she prostrated to her queen. The queen was furious at her and asked her to kill Joe now or she would end him herself, Luci went on her knees crying, begging the her to spare Joe as she has found comfort in him, she promised to do anything else if she spare Joe, but mother queen has already made up her mind to kill Joe, so she vanished.



Sensing that Joe’s life was in danger, Luci immediately rushed out to look for Joe. She drove to where Joe was chatting with a friend and stepped out of the car in a hurry when she was getting closer to him she saw mother queen approaching Joe from behind and was about to throw a spiritual dart at him, Luci ran to embrace Joe to shield him from the dart, she sacrificed herself for Joe and the dart hit her back. Discovering what had happened; the mother queen became so sad, she vanished the scene in regrets.


In Joe’s arms Luci laid, as she tried to utter a word to Joe, blood gushed out of her mouth, immediately Joe and his friend rushed her to a nearby church, they dragged her to the alter and the pastor came out. After some rounds of prayers, Luci seemed to be stabilized so the pastor asked her to denounce her involvement with the marine kingdom, she did and she was saved.




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