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Luci The Marine Enchantress Episode 2

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A Story By Francis Okonkwo

(The Avenged)


After Luci was done with Segun, she was no longer seen by anyone for a while, it appeared that she has moved to the other side of town because the news of Segun’s death was all over the place. A few years later she met Leonard, like Segun Leonard was also wealthy, a politician who loved pleasure and night life, he fancied himself a king of his cabal. They met each other at a dinner party hosted by one of Leonard’s friends. Luci overwhelmed Leonard, she had an insinuating voice that hints at the erotic, immediately he introduced himself and gave out his call card to her.


He became anxious to meet her again.

A few months has past and Luci had not called Leonard until one day she called him to invite him to meet her at the beach, when he came she took him on a ride in a boat she rented. Inside the boat were plenty other pretty young mermaids all dressed in lingerie and worshipped her, they surrounded her like a goddess, her appearance was so startling in her magnificent sparkling dress, it was a sight to behold, a highly feminine and sexual presence, the atmosphere was accompanied by symphony music and with all that, she created a scene of heightened drama.




The charm of Luci’s presence was irresistible, and there was an attraction in her person and talk, together with a peculiar force of character which pervaded her every word and action, and laid all who associated with her under her spell.

At that moment Leonard was startled by the images he was looking at and was filled with mixed emotions, the pleasure she offered him was hard to resist. Leonard wanted to tame and possess this difficult, forbidden and infamous woman, whom her charm seemed to have made her talk of the town, winning her would prove Leonard’s greatness to his peer, but soon Luci started to operate on Leonard’s basic emotions, she started to transform strong headed Leonard into a childish slave.



Leonard became obsessed with her, he experience such a longing to have her fully all to himself that his whole body tingled with excitement. Realizing however, that he would get nowhere with her if he continues with his life as a playboy, what sort of a life can a man lead when surrounded by a lot of women? He might as well be living with a pack of devil. Leonard began to consider steps he could take so that he could take Luci in as his second bride.



Leonard became a perfect victim because his primary weakness was his need for conquest, to overcome challenge, to taste what no man had ever tasted, (the forbidden fruit).

As it seemed like he was taking control of her, like Segun he was falling slowly under her spell, she indulged him in all his weaknesses; gambling, lavish night parties, car exhibitions. To get him to yield faster Luci became the first to initiate him with the idea to divorce his wife and taking her in as his new wife, that was an opportunity Leonard longed for but he never had the intentions of divorcing his wife, but he agreed anyway. Not too long Leonard divorced his wife Clara, and wedded Luci, bought her a mansion in the heart of the city and moved in with her.



While they lived together, Leonard was living beneath Luci’s feet as he became her slave; his life became a game which she played with every time, she initiated him to indulge her with his wealth and luxuries while she entertained him with her endless conquests. Leonard was soon under Luci’s control.



Months later Leonard’s ex-wife found out who her ex-husband fell in love with and divorced her to marry, it was Luci, a whore from a different tribe who seduced her husband and made him abandon his family. She became furious over the matter and seek vengeance. One early morning, Leonard’s ex-wife found her way into Luci’s new mansion bought by her ex-husband, she was armed with two pistols and was dressed in a cloak, she made her way into the bedroom and found Leonard alone in the bed asleep but Luci was out on a trip, she opened fire at Leonard on the bed and killed him instantly.



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