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Luci The Marine Enchantress Episode 1

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A Story By Francis Okonkwo

(The Beautiful Siren)



Luci was a pretty charming damsel who comes from one of the marine worlds, her mission was to cause havoc and pain to mankind, and she seduced wealthy married men just to destroy their homes and report to her kingdom, she was forbidden to love.

Luci sensed a way to gain attention more, even power for she was vividly ambitious, she joined the movie industry. In any movie she casted in will erupt the scene with male admirers. In a particular scene her male admirers wanted to kiss and hug her, they started to profess their love for her after watching her perform on set, some said it was the way she looked at them - with eyes full of passion, others say it was her voice that lured them on, still others said she give off vibrations that floored them.




Luci met her next victim on set Segun, after she had destroyed many homes and marriages, they started dating. Segun was a wealthy movies producer who was married with kids. He had numerous mistresses to divert him from the rigors of his tedious work, but he had always disposed of them quickly to return to what really thrilled him – movie production. Segun had seen women try anything to keep him under their spell, yet nothing prepared him for Luci, he fell helplessly for her as she followed up her seduction with dazzling appearances.


She will initiate him with ideas of how together they could take over and rule the movie industry, next she will entertain him with stories of how they could become goddesses and worshipped by so many. His life with her became a constant game, as challenging as warfare, soon Segun became a puppet in the hands of Luci, and she could pull whatever strings necessary to get Segun to dance to her tune, later he got rid of all Luci’s rivals.


Luci was leading Segun to be lavishing his wealth on her, at one point she led him to buy her a home worth over one hundred million naira (N100,000,000) and an expensive car. The next she would initiate him to take her on expensive vacations abroad, then also for a shopping spree, and she will lavish his money down the Nile.




As months went by, Segun was no longer calling, answering calls and returning home to his wife and kids, this made his wife ran the whole city in search of her husband thinking he has been kidnapped or worse. When she finally realized where her husband was and why he was not returning home. It appears that he was now living with a woman in a house he bought for her. One day she decided to confront him but, Luci instructed him to beat up his wife. While she watched in amusement, Segun beat his wife to an inch of her life.



She was later taken to the hospital that night by a concerned neighbor who heard the story and felt pity for this poor woman. As if that wasn’t enough Segun went home and evicted his wife and kids from his house accusing them of witchcraft trying to ruin his life but all that was Luci’s plot to get rid of them. His grieving wife took the kids and moved to Segun’s village to live with his parents. After his kinsmen in his village learnt what Segun has done, they sent some people to talk to him but he drove them away. Segun fell deep under Luci’s spell that he distanced all his relatives or friends because tried to talk to him.


In one year his career started declining because he was no longer focused, Luci has already squandered his wealth, and he couldn’t keep up with Luci’s maintenance she dumped him immediately and left for her next prey. One day, after no one has seen Segun for the past 2 weeks his friends decided to pay him a visit. When they got to his house they noticed a terrific stench oozing out from inside the house, after they knocked and no one answered, they pushed the door in and beheld by a horrifying sight of Segun’s lifeless rotten body hanging from the ceiling.


Segun committed suicide about a week ago after Luci had dumped him, he later realized how deep he has fallen into the hands of a Luci and got played but it was already late. He couldn’t face all the shame so he opted for suicide. Before the suicide he left a suicide note for his wife which read;


“Dear Suzzy,

I cannot believe how far I went to hurt you and the kids, its been almost 2 years now and we have not heard from each other, its surprising how fast the time went by. Its usually a man’s prayer to be able to take care of his family but I fell miserably in every way, I never dreamt that I would hurt you someday, Suzzy but it seemed like I was under a spell. My intention with this letter is to properly say goodbye to you because I couldn’t face you and the kids after everything I have done to you, maybe I am a coward after all. Send my love to the kids and tell them to make their mark in this world and no matter what, they should never follow my footsteps.

                                                                                      Your Hubby.”


No one saw or heard from Luci again. Probably she might have wandered off to her next victim…


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