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The Seagulls Leg .....
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The Seagulls Leg ...Science Or Creature?
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Australian seagulls carry superbugs

 Scientist believed in evolution.. Things coming by chance and creatures metamorphosing...

           The Seagulls Leg 

A seagull does not freeze even when standing on ice. How does this creature conserve it's body heat?  Part of the secret is in fascinating design feature which is called the countercurrent exchanger. 

     What is countercurrent exchanger?   Using illustration .Picture two water pipes strapped closely together hot water flows in one pipe and cold water in the other. If the both hot and cold water flows down the pipe, the same direction about half the heat from hot water will transfer to cold . However, if the hot and cold water flow in opposite directions, nearly all the heat will from hot water to cold.

             Therefore, when a seagull stands on ice,  the heat exchanger in its legs warm the blood as it returns from the birds cold feet, the heat exchanger conserve heat in the birds body and prevent heat loss from its feet. 

 Scientist describe this design as one of the world most effective regenerative heat exchanger. . 

Now the question is.. ..Was seagull created or was it designed by a scientist? 

Sire Tom General
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If I may say.....

Seagulls is a bird and it was created by God the adaptive nature of the legs to cold and ice drown the attention of the scientifics to carry out an experiment on the bird ........

So they are illustrating God own creature ....

They are not the creator 

knowledge is power .......always be informed

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