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Have You Ever Seen a Shape Shifter Before? Here's What They Look Like.

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Shape shifters are real and walking among us this days. The whites knows this and that is why they are using every thing within their reach to display these set of human animals to their people. They want to get it into their people's consciousness so that when they finally get to meet one, they won't be afraid of them.
But Africans are not ready for this reality at all.
Trust me, soon you'll start seeing human animals around you living in the same compound as you and sharing your natural space with you.
The most common of them all is the human lizards. They are even here in Nigeria as we speak.
What the whites do, is to use the media, Animinations and their entertainment industries to project this reality to their people. They want their people to be fully prepared for the future.
Most of their sci-fi paranormal movies are intentionally made to project these beings to people's consciousness so that you'll be familiar with them and welcome them as one of us if you eventually get to see one.
Almost all Childrens Animination series projects these shape shifters or transformers as heros and also toys made in their figures and shapes.
Aliens 👽 will soon invade the earth, that's if they are not here already.
The world is vast and mystical.
Most of these beings are usually wild in behavior, unlike how they're being portrayed to be all calm and nice in movies.
Just like the way mermaids are portrayed to be all kind, beautiful and full of sympathy, that's actually the opposite. If they feel threatened by your presence, they might kill you without second thoughts.
And also, Angels are usually very ugly and scary. That is why, the first thing they say to you when they show themselves to you, is FEAR NOT !!!
Same as the Marine spirits, they can never reveal themselves to you or else you might never be able to sleep again due to their horrific looks. But then again, they will tell you to not be afraid and listen to what they have to tell you.
If you are familiar with a particular spirit and the presence of that spirit scares you real bad, the spirit will start shape shifting whenever it want to communicate with you. It can take on a human shape or even an animal shape but it must introduce itself to you so you'll be aware of it presence.

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This is really true!


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