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This Is The Worst Way Of Being Cheated On

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When I was still dating my ex-girlfriend, she needed help with her accommodation I helped her out because actually liked her and was hoping to have a lasting relationship, maybe marriage; little did I know that she was having other plans behind my back.

Neighbors told me that sometimes my girlfriend brings men to my house to sleep over and leave first thing early morning, because I worked night shift sometimes. I believed she might be bringing men into my house because I use to see traces of cigarette ashes on the table but I never believed them to be sleeping over, and never believed her sleeping with them.

This tip kept coming from my neighbours until I didn’t know what to believe anymore, so I asked her one day and she snapped and labeled it an insult because she was squatting with me, she assured me that nothing was going on and nobody was sleeping with her or sleeping in my house.

One night I worked shift, I closed very early and it was raining so I decided to enter the rain and start coming back home, I return that morning to find a guy in boxer sleeping in my bed, on the floor was used condoms and toilet papers stuffed inside a black nylon. My so-called girlfriend wasn’t expecting me for the next 3 hours or at least not while it was still raining, she was scared when I opened the door and saw her with a stranger almost naked lying on my bed, I tried to comport myself so I went into the bathroom to have a bath and before I came out he was gone.

I didn’t talk to her about it so I went to work the following night and came back to find that she had packed her things and some of my properties and left my house. I called her number throughout that day and she never answered. I continued calling the next day until someone picked and it was a male’s voice, he sounded diplomatic, he said that she wouldn’t pick this particular number so he forcefully took the phone from her to know why, he introduced himself as her fiancé, so I opened up everything to him, he told me that it was the bottle of wine she took from my house that he was drinking. We both chatted for a while and the guy thanked me for giving him such information about her, he said that he didn’t know that she was like that.

Few hours later my phone rang, I answered and it was her mother, she started accusing me of trying to destroy her daughter’s future, she started dishing out threats to me, threatening to use witchcraft on me if her daughter’s fiancé does not eventually marry her, she rained all kinds of abuses on me and dared me to wait and see. I don’t see how I have offended anybody here o, I only tried to recover back my things that she took from my house.


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