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Dear Women Never Allow Your Husbands Attend This Kind Of Churches Unaccompanied(Photos)

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Indecent dressing are even in churches where desperate ladies looking for husband trend with their trashy wears trying to seduce men into doing their bidding. This is the devil at work using these females as pawns.

Some women have tried to claim liberation of their choice of dressing even in church. A societal lady once came to Holy Trinity Catholic church in Maitama, Abuja dressed in all rags, due to her influence nobody could dare ask her to leave the church, so when it was time for the priest to give sermon he centered his preaching on indecent dressing, the lady who was dressed indecently became uncomfortable with the sermon, as if the fire was too hot for the devil, she busted into anger, stood up amidst the crowd and challenged the man of God.


She was talking back at him; warning him that she was going to deal with him, the priest avoided her distraction and continued with his preaching,  all these was happening as the mass was going on. She assured the priest that she was going to deal with him; she was going to make sure that he gets transferred to one village out of Abuja, she stood up and left the church.


My question now is, has it gotten to the extent that societal people even influence the church? How can a societal slut like her threaten to remove a whole reverend father from his parish? Does she have such influence or is she just bluffing? It appears that some end time ladies do not have limits to their shame and have no limit to their indecent dressing.


You cannot totally avoid being exposed to sexual content even when you escape to church; some of these Pentecostal churches seem to have accepted indecent dressing as a tool to use these ladies to attract young men to their church, some ladies in choir dress indecently so there no escape from your eyes.


Dear women, please never allow your husbands or fiancés to attend these kind of churches alone, some of these ladies now approach the men in the pretense of following upon his faith to giving his life to Christ, but eventually they end up with something else.


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knowledge is power .......always be informed

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Lol is that so?

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