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House Help Takes Over Wife’s Husband And Home

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I don’t know since when a woman can be so heartless as to plan a mission to purposely collect her fellow woman’s husband first of all by gaining the trust of everyone living in the house, women are now going nuclear in their plot to snatch another woman’s husband. Ladies beware of this kind of girls.

There is this girl that lived in the next block that used to come to our home to help us out with chores voluntarily, she would just come and ask if there was any dirty laundry to do or to clean the house, in fact I used to rely on her coming, to tell you the truth this girl has been really helpful but I didn’t know it will come with a very big price to cost me my marriage.

We liked her because she was very nice, she worked diligently and took care of our house, so we will dash her money sometimes or buy things for her to make her happy, sometimes she would even buy things for my children while she’s coming, the level of trust I had for her I was so relaxed with this girl.

It all started when my husband told me that he was traveling for about a week for a business, few days into his travel I took my kids to a mall to get some groceries, my kids tapped me and said “mummy is that not daddy and aunty Cheta?” I turned around and beheld my husband who was supposed to be over a hundred square km across another state with this girl pregnant; he was buying baby things for her baby.

I called my husband’s attention and confronted him he was so scared to answer, I didn’t do much I just wanted to avoid causing a scene because I hate it, so I just left. It appeared that the girl has given birth for my husband before then and the child was just 2 years old and I never suspected a thing all these years, he must have been promising to bring her and her child into the house but didn’t have the balls to do that until I caught them. The next day my husband brought this girl pregnant into my house and told me that she is his second wife so I will have to move my things to the BOYS QUARTER, he mounted pressure as he could and I just packed my things and left the house with my kids out of shame, it was so shameful and embarrassing.

How did I miss this? This girl was just coming to my house with my influence because my husband didn’t know her, she has been coming and plotting this for years, infiltrated my home, gained my trust, snatched my husband and broke my home. I have been in my brother’s house just been crying for months just wishing how I am going to get revenge.


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