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Priest Explains How To Know When Spirits Are In The Room And How To Communicate With Them

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During our interactive sessions with A priest Father Ben, he explains the types of spirits there are, how to feel their presence and how to communicate with them.


He said; “Ghosts and spirits are very real, they dwell among us, they communicate to us through our sudden change of moods and intuitions, because they carry a vibrational energy which affects our emotions, but we do not know what they are when we feel them.

There are good spirits and of course there are bad ones otherwise referred to as evil spirits, the difference between the two are the kind of energy they come with, a good spirit comes with a calm and serene vibrational energy, they are always in a peaceful environment. When you feel a sudden calmness in your heart or you have that feeling in your mind that you have been in a certain place or you have seen a certain day before even when you haven’t, it’s called deejavu, or you have a strong intuition about something or someone you haven’t met before.


While bad spirits come with rage and forceful vibrational energy, they are always present during a storm, a bad weather, tornedos, earthquakes, etc. they also generate their own catastrophe and bring sad mood. It’s that spirit that possesses someone when their vibrational energy is intertwined with the spirits’. Yes spirits do possess people, either good or bad spirits, at a point when you could not fully explain how you got to a certain destination, you could not explain how you knew what you knew, you could not tell how you managed to avoid a crisis, etc. we all have witnessed this at a certain point.


Then the bad spirits could lead you to kill or commit suicide, once your vibrational energy is intertwined with theirs also called negative vibes, that is why a man who is not violent cannot easily commit a violent crime unless he had had time to build up his vibrational energy to intertwine with that of bad spirits, and that is done through his desires for love, money, power, fame etc. when this is done, the energy of the bad spirits can resonate with that of the man which can cause him to behave in a certain way which he might come to regret later.


There was a certain time I was attacked by a bad spirit, because I didn’t give them the opportunity to freely operate on someone, they came for their revenge, it was night so I was lying down on my bed about to sleep, immediately they entered the atmosphere I felt them immediately, so I felt a punch on my face, and I was hearing a buzzing like sound all around the room when the punch was leaving me, immediately I stood up and I fought it and drove it away, since then it never came back.


If one can understand his facts, imagine what he could achieve with this, he would be able to have a deep conversation with good spirits and know how to avoid the evil ones, he can know when something is about to go wrong, he can ask about his life, he can summon the spirit of his loved ones and converse with them, he can find out who killed someone by talking to their spirits, and so on and so forth, spirits will respect you, they could come to you to help them deliver a message to someone and you can bargain with them, but when you abuse this ability, it comes with a price.


When you visit a real native doctor, they have a way of talking with spirits through a medium; they know how to summon them, what they like and how they respond, that is why they tell you to present some gifts to appease the spirits which they serve, some serve evil spirits while some serve good spirits. Though there are more powerful spirits than others whether good or evil, the evil spirits are the ones that will demand for human sacrifices, they are always violent in nature, the good ones will not, but other gifts can be presented to them, even though they are good spirits, they do get angry”.

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