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Pst. Okezie Nwaeze
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Text: 2Chr.18:1-21

Memory verse - Exo.20:3

Preamble: This story we had just read gives us a clear picture and description of what is happening presently in our society today. Ahab was a wicked and dreaded president. He does not believe in God, he blasphems and makes caricature of God, he commits all manner of atrocities, kills whoever he likes to kill and no one will question him.

He has about four hundred astrologers, necromancers, enchanters and diviners - he recruited them as his own prophets and he pays them as his staff, they work for him.

But Jehoshaphat the president of Juda was a man that fears, honours and worships God. I don't know if maybe out of fear, he went to Ahab and formed marital affinity with the family of Ahab. Jehoshaphat does nothing without enquiring from God but his inlaw Ahab resorts to his own prophets to enquire from them.

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