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Be The Sheep

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Text: Ps. 23:1-6,

Memory verse – Jn 10:27

By Pst. Okezie Nwaeze, 08076158800


The moment the word shepherd is mentioned, the first thing that immediately comes to our mind is a flock of sheep. Christ wants us to be his sheep so that he can be our shepherd. A shepherd is someone that takes care of sheep. There are two types of shepherds:-

1 Hireling – Just as his name implies, this is a person hired to take care of the sheep, he is not the owner, to that effect he does not take complete care of the sheep, see Jn 10:12-13.

2 The Good Shepherd – The good shepherd is the real owner of the sheep, he knows all his sheep by their names, he does not use tricks in drawing his sheep to himself, see Jn 10:1-3.

The good shepherd takes a 100% care of his sheep even to the point of laying down his life for his sheep, see Jn 10:11. You may want to ask how, see Jn 10:4.

The shepherd knows those that are his sheep and the sheep themselves know their real owner and they follow him anywhere, anytime because they hear his voice, see Jn 10:14,5,27.

“Hear my voice” is explained in Jn 14:15, Jn 15:14, Rom 6:16.

The introduction of our text of study which is Ps.23

A - Ps.23 is a popular Christian religion creed.

B – A creed is a set of principles or religious belief which is recited is some churches as a part of church ministration.

C – Ps.23 is called the sheep’s creed because it is the divine inheritance of the bonafide sheep. Though it is the desire of the Lord to be the shepherd of all but many of us are not his sheep

D – The sheep is not the lost sheep, the lost sheep is not the lost. These are three different personalities.

E – The sheep is the name which Christ ascribes to any genuinely born again Christian.

F – The lost sheep refers to those who sometime in the past were real born again Christians but along the line, they backslided. See Prov24:10, Mat.15:24, Gal.5:7-8, Gal.2:18, 2Pet.2:20-22.

G – The lost refers to the atheists – these are people who do not believe there is God, they don’t seek God, and they don’t believe the word of God. See Ps.14:1, Ps.10:4, Lk.19:10.

Having known who the sheep is, let’s now proceed to giving verse by verse break down of Ps.23.

Ps.23:1 – It is only the sheep that can proudly and boastfully say to others “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. This is because the blessings of the Lord to his sheep (born again Christians) maketh rich and addeth no sorrow – The elasticity of the divine inheritance of the sheep has no limit and Christ is always ready to go the extra mile in providing for his sheep, see Philp.4:19, Matt.15:26, Jer.29:11.

Ps.23:2 – This suggests that Christ cannot lead his sheep through a problematic terrain such that can snuff out their lives but as he leads them, he moves in front of them whereas, the sheep follow him from the protective cover of his back to a greener pasture as they graze along, see Jn.10:4, Eze.34:14-15, Rev.7:17

Ps.23:3 – The word “Restore” shows that there was a depletion or that something needs to be replenished. In times of trials, afflictions and lack, the faith of some of us fluctuates, dwindles and this sometimes leads to backsliding: but if in the face of temptations and turbulent times, we still remain loyal to God, he would then just for his name’s sake not only restore our faith, he would also direct our footsteps aright, a case study is that of peter in Luk.22:31-32, Eze.34:11-12, Eze.18:23, Jn.6:37.

Ps.23:4 – This verse shows that there must be a point in time when God himself would intentionally allow even the most righteous man to face temptations, trials and afflictions. See Ps.34:19, Isa.43:2, Jam.1:12. But in times like that, God cannot forsake us, he makes available for us his rod and staff to protect and comfort us in our times of trials.

Note, “his rod” means the powerful and corrective word of God whereas “his staff” means the Christians’ authority which is the powerful name of Jesus, which when correctly applied gives us victory and comfort. See Philip.2:9-10.

Ps.23:5 – This verse is all about the blessings, favors and victories that God gives to all those who trust in him and have unwavering faith in him. Eg. People like D Eg. People like David, Esther, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego – because these ones strongly believe in the efficacy of the word of God and in the potency of the name of the Lord, God therefore crowned and anointed them with the oil of victory, promotion and joy even in the presence of their enemies. See Est.7:9-10, Dan.3:28-30.

Ps.23:6 – As people that had not yet attained perfection in our Christian race, it is possible that we may err, but our decision not to allow sin have dominion over us, our decision to repent and reconcile with God, will then result that surely God’s goodness and mercies shall follow us all the days of our lives if we continue to live a holy and righteous life.

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What a good command of English, I love your sermon sir. Thanks for the deep explanatory notes on Psalm 23, I have never seen it at this angle.

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