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*Just looking back at 10 intriguing headlines in the past and where we are now security-wise as a NATION. Can we make meaning out of them?*

1. Boko Haram picks Buhari to moderate talks with the government of Nigeria.
The Nation Newspaper, November 2, 2012.

2. Stop killing Boko Haram members, Buhari tells FG.
PointBlank News, June 2, 2013

3. Buhari faults clampdown on Boko Haram members.
The Nation, June 2, 2013

4. Military Offensive Against Boko Haram, Anti-North - Buhari.
All Africa News, June 3, 2013.

5. “How Buhari stopped us from fighting Boko Haram” - South African mercenaries.
The Guardian Newspaper, November 26, 2018.

6. FG is setting our killers free - soldiers kick as 1,400 Boko Haram suspects are released.
The Cable, February 11, 2020

7. Nigerian government to release 603 repentant Boko Haram terrorists back to society.
Sahara Reporters, June 11, 2020.

8. 356 soldiers tender resignation to Buratai, cite loss of sincerity in Boko Haram War.
Punch, July 12, 2020.

9. 601 ex-Boko Haram combatants graduate in Gombe.
The Nation, July 26, 2020.

10. 601 repentant terrorists graduate, receive first payments.
Punch Newspaper, July 26, 2020.

I think this may be what Navy Commodore Olawumi is making reference to.
I have been 🤔 thinking and trying to plot the graph after watching the Interview on channels.

Why are this bandits not named terrorists yet despite their modus operandis?,
Late General Sanni Abacha said: If terrorism and insecurity last more than 24hrs in a country, the hands of the government is in it...could this adding flesh to why we are where we are?

Am bothered why we are all overwhelmed with this growing insecurity...

Colleagues, this post is for analysis guide our program and team especially in stakeholders engagements and Risk management plans..

Good morning. 👍



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