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In As Much As All The Security Agencies And Terrorists Are From Same Region, Nigeria Will Continue To Suffer Insecurity

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Since the rise of President Buhari into power, there have been so many talks of segregations going on in the government, some are saying that the northerners are acting like as if the presidential seat with remain in the north forever, while some could be heard saying that the power will still remain in the north even after President Buhari’s tenure is completed.

In my opinion, it is time for the power to be zoned to the industrious south-easterners. This people have proven to be more resilient to bad economy, even at the worst economy in the country, even as they have never been give fair treatment, they have continued to thrive and lift each other.

The Obi Cubana’s late mums burial have shown that the Igbos are the most industrious in the whole of Africa, it has also opened the eyes of the world to the Igbos to understand the stuff these people are made of. They do not just build houses made of gold and watch their neighbours suffer in abject poverty just like some were found built in places like Kano and Borno (the headquarter of almajiris), but they lift one another.

How can you zone all the security agencies to the northern muslims, the same region where the boko haram terrorists, Fulani herdsmen terrorists and bandits all hail from? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I can say that I have never seen a worst government like this.



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