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I Have Done My Best, Nigeria Has Shown Progress- Buhari Insists

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President Muhammadu Buhari has once again said that he has done his best concerning the affairs of Nigeria and to curb the challenges facing Nigeria. You could recall that yesterday, he met with some governors of the All Progressive Congress(APC) at his country home in Daura. It was then he made that statement.

Further in his assertion, he thanked God for making him achieve a lot with the available resources that is in Nigeria. In his words, he wrote
‘We have done our best and thank God for what we have been able to achieve with the available resources, otherwise we would have been in trouble’

Furthermore, the former military dictator acknowledged that the security situation in Nigeria especially in the North West had improved compared to how it was in 2015, where the whole place was extremely surrounded by terrorists.

He concluded that he sacked all the security chiefs when there was too much killing in the North West. As a result of the lay-off, everywhere is peaceful to some extent



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