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Buhari Must Sit Up And Treat The Administrators Of The Nationwide School Feeding Scheme As Bandits- Omo-Ikirodah

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"Boju Boju" is a game of hide-and-seek played on moonlit nights. It's played as a call-and-response. It was one of those games we enjoyed at our adolescent ages.

Then also you can recall the word abracadabra?  this word is believed to summon powerful supernatural forces and it is often used by stage magicians in performing TRICKS.

Nigeria today is currently in a "state" of "hide and seek", "Abracadabra"...The more you look the less you see. Weeks ago the president spoke about the excesses of State Governors in shortchanging the system, he accused them of cornering as much as 70 % of allocation meant for the local government councils, since then till now no single Governor or local council chairman has debunked the claims.

Our understanding is that if a local government council gets 300 million as statutory allocation and only gets to receive 100 million from his Governor then he becomes handicapped automatically.

With the current dwindling revenue and fall in the value of the Naira, it is only expedient that the Federal Government uses its brain. According to the 2021 budget, the Education Ministry was allotted a sum of N742.5 billion out of the total N11.7 trillion budget.

The school feeding program of the Federal Government cost about a Billion every day, Ganduje claims the FG spends above N1.5 Billion monthly on School Feeding In Kano State alone.

Imagine the Federal Government spending above 2 million dollars a day on a school feeding programme that is shrouded in secrecy and yet we still wonder why the country is cursed? If you calculate 2 million dollars a day you would see the huge difference in the budget allocated to the ministry of Education to fund everything about education in Nigeria for the fiscal year and what is used to feed these kids.

Now suffice me to say aside from the lies in the wide distribution of the food to the youngsters the sanitary condition is worse off, dead watery food is served in the few places that are beneficiaries.

According to statistics on the States carried out not up to 70% of schools recorded as beneficiaries of the scheme are actually beneficiaries.

Is it that the ministry of education or the office of the Vice President or maybe the Special Adviser to the President on  National Social Welfare Programme is shortchanging Nigerians?

It only behoves on his Excellency to send the EFCC after the administrators of this monumental fraud and bring them to book.

Hypocrisy should serve no chapter in the President's book, if the Governors can be accused of intentionally denying the grassroots their benefits by slashing the allocation of the local council chairmen then, His Excellency should demand the rationale behind spending 2 million dollars a day on a failed school feeding scheme that still yet Nigeria ranks amongst the highest drop out of school kids in the world.

Just like we know an extra 200 million monthly can transform a local government in three years so also  2 million dollars a day spent on providing international standards in equipping our schools would transform all our public schools in a few years.

The bullshit talks of feeding the children as an incentive to drag the kids to school are funny and indeed whoever sold the idea that spending two million dollars for feeding school children a day is the best incentive for kids to learn should be sent to jail for at least seven years.

Do we realise what 2 million dollars in form of educational facilities would do in three years to our educational system in Nigeria? With 2 million dolls a day schools would have cinema's, educational playgrounds, good security, good health facility and nice sporting activities that would even make the 70-year-old illiterate enrol as a kid to learn.

Even our brothers in the north that less fancy formal education would be looking forward to giving birth and give their kids quality education. Who no like beta thing? Are you aware that if every child is properly educated there would be no banditry? No insurgencies and unknown gunmen?

Well, the President has no excuse, unlike in the cases of the Governors that are covered with immunity, as a matter of urgency the Federal Government should treat the organisers of this national scam in the SAME LANGUAGE the insurgents, bandits, kidnappers and miscreants understand.

Their crime should be placed under National Security as the ill advice and looting of the scheme is enough to wreak havoc on any Nation.

If we must deem it fit to restructure Nigeria then all arms of governance must sit up and do the needful, it is no rocket science to get the country back to its feet. Imagine wasting 2million dollars a day on a PHANTOM school feeding scheme? What a shame.

If you want to make an incentive for kids to go to school then make it a law and leave the rest for our Nigerian Police Force to handle. When the police start using irresponsible parents to CASH OUT, BODY NO GO TELL PERSON say e don red.

Corruption stinks in this administration and the President must sit up and perform the needful, these fraudsters masquerading under the canopy of feeding school children should be treated as BANDITS.

My name is Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, senior correspondent Bush Radio Academy.

Copyright 2021.

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