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"Buhari Must Go Protest At Dunamis; CCG Holds Communiqué, Warns Sowore

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A coalition of concern Christian groups has held a communiqué on “threat to the Church” following the “Buhari Must Go” Protest at Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja.

Recall for weeks now there have been controversies over the arrest of “Buhari Must Go Protester” inside Dunamis Church auditorium. This prompted the Senior Pastor of Dunamis Dr. Paul Enenche to release a press statement disassociating himself and the Church from politics.

The incident started when men from the Department of State Security stormed the Church to arrest some youths wearing “Buhari Must Go” T-shirts.

The coalition of concern Christians Groups comprises of; Association for Youths of Nigeria Against Corruption (AYONAC), Frontiers Network, All Talented Christian Club (ATC), New Nigerian Agenda, Association of Christian Journalist, Abuja Gospel Artist Forum, Yowican, PFN Youth wing, National Peace Initiative, Nation-builders network, and One voice Africa.

The Communiqué Reads:


Convened By Gospel music minister and Youth Development Activist; Amb. Phil Roberts.

Date: 14th July 2021

“We, members of the above youth organisations at our meeting held today, 14th July 2021, deliberated on a number of issues affecting the church and in particularly the Buhari must go protest at the Dunamis Gospel centre.

After fruitful deliberations by the above-mentioned youth organizations aimed at bringing Christian youths together to unify the church and our dear country irrespective of the challenges we face, we came out with the following resolutions:

1. We call on all youth bodies to dissociate themselves from politics of religion and ethnicity, bearing in mind that religion and ethnicity will only fuel needless tension and pull us farther apart as a people.

2. We condemn the evil plot by the self-acclaimed human right activist, Omoyele Sowore to destabilize the church by staging a political protest in Dunamis Church on Sunday, 4th July, 2021. Sowore in his own statement shamelessly denied the conduct of any protest, even while he was live streaming same protest with the caption, “BUHARI MUST GO Campaign Hits Dunamis Church in Abuja.” Sowore’s continued tirades against the church is part of his desperate ploy to whip up sentiment, sway public opinion, elicit public sympathy, all with the heinous intention for blackmail.

3. We condemn in totality, the campaign of calumny and media war being waged against the church by Sowore and his cohorts. Even though the DSS admitted to arresting the boys, Sowore remains brazenly relentless in his evil campaign to smear the name of the church and the revered man of God. Come to think of it, what could have been the rationale behind his leading a protest against the government to a church? Is the church the seat of government? Who is Sowore protesting against, the church or the government? We implore everyone to critically look into the above questions and satisfy their conscience with balanced and objective answers via a vis what sowore and his people have being posting online.

4. As youths, we identify with the collective yearning for positive change and leadership transformation in our land, but we also believe in orderly and civilized engagement in the quest for change. Sowore’s congenital disposition to delinquency, lawlessness, rascality and venality detracts from our collective hope and aspiration for honest, sincere, and transparent leadership. Sowore’s Mephistophelian quest for fame remains the only driver of his actions even against reason, public interest and progress. His conducts are often at variance with the interest of the very people he is ostensibly fighting for. We won’t be cowered into embracing anarchy in our quest for change, and so, the youths should avoid the societal plague called Sowore. People like him should be avoided and denigrated, not embraced and celebrated.

5. We draw the attention of church leaders to rise up to the occasion and speak for the church so as not to allow an uncultured, irreligious political delinquent, sustain his unwarranted attacks on the church. He should not be allowed to infest Christian youths with his moral degeneracy, political rascality and ethical bankruptcy.


1.In conclusion we therefore call on the Nigerian Government to do their job and call Sowore to order. We are shocked that he is still prowling around causing more havocs even while he has many unending cases in courts on account of his antecedent recklessness, crookedness and waywardness.

2. As the youths of Nigeria, we implore everyone to read facts, maintain objectivity and refuse to be swayed by hateful sentiments being peddled by self-seeking charlatans and political nonentities. We will never allow a drowning man like Sowore pull others into his swirling pool of political misdirection, hopelessness and woes.

3. We are, therefore, sending a note of warning to Sowore and his cohorts to desist from further campaign of calumny against the church of Jesus Christ and revered servants of God, if they have a modicum of character and sense.”


1.Amb.Phil Roberts (Chairperson)

2.Sir Otto Von Pablo ( President All Talented Christian Club) Member

3.Mr Ochi Adah (Lead Vanguard Frontiers Network) Member

4.Mr Onyeka Eluagu (New Nigeria Agenda) Member

5.Kalada Hart (Tatafo Naija) Member

6.Mr Tony Ayodele (President Association of Christian Journalist) Member

7.Mr Abdul Mohammmed (Association of youths of Nigeria Against CORRUPTION) Member

Amb. Phil. Roberts

Communiqué signed and sealed by Meeting Coordinator


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