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Bandit Is Fulani

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On Monday 6 September 2021, the governor of Katsina State, Aminu Masari - a Fulani man, says the bandits killing and kidnapping people in the northern part of Nigeria are Fulanis:
“They are the same people like me, who speak the same language like me, who profess the same religious beliefs like me. So, what we have here on ground are bandits; they are not aliens, they are people we know, they are people that have been living with us for 100 of years.

“The infiltration we have from some West African countries and North African countries are also people of the Fulani extraction. Majority of those involved in this banditry are Fulanis whether it is palatable or it is not palatable but that is the truth. I am not saying 100% of them are Fulani but majority of them are, and these are people who live in the forest and their main occupation is rearing of cattle.”

To check the dastardly activities of the bandits, Masari last week closed the Jibia-Gurbin-Baure Road and the Kankara-Sheme Road to all motorists, advising that Funtua Road be used as an alternative route. The governor also suspended sales of cows and other animals at markets in fourteen local government areas of the state.



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