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Woman Seeks Divorce, Claims Her Husband Has Never Slept With Her Since Their Marriage

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A 34 year old woman Patricia Kama seeks dissolution of her 5 year old marriage with her husband Dilia Kama who she claimed that she is not sure if he is a man or not, saying that he has never made love to her since she married him 5 years ago, even when she tried to induce the sex, but it appeared that there was more to the case that meets the eye.

The frustrated woman told the court in Abuja that she sleeps on the bed or walks the whole house naked but her husband would never even look at her twice, sometimes when she tries to seduce him, he will push her aside or he may fall asleep so fast that she will be left lonely.

In her statement, she said that she is still a young woman who has emotional needs and cannot continue to be in a dead-beat marriage which might lead her into promiscuity.

Dilia 43, who told the court that he has never developed urge to sleep with women revealed that he has a medical condition which was that he has never fully undergone puberty, which means he has never fully developed his sexual organ, a rare medical condition which affects a man’s sexual life which he cannot develop a sexual feelings for a woman or impregnate her. It appeared that he hid it from his wife’s knowledge until when she seeks divorce.

She said “I have endured too much celibacy for over 5 years of marriage to an extent that I have started considering looking elsewhere for attention, I do want to have kids in my marriage, besides I do not want to be that woman who leaves her marriage to seek for sex from outside while my husband is still alive. He could have opened up to me earlier then we could have sought for a solution together, but right now my mind is no longer into this marriage anymore”.

However, the husband told the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying that he loves his wife, that he hid his condition from her because he didn’t want his wife to panic and thought he could handle it alone but now it seems that time is no longer on his side. He said that he has never treated his wife badly and has always provided for her with everything she needs.

“I kindly ask her to give me a chance to solve this puberty issue, I didn’t think it would cost me my marriage”, he said.

The judge, Lamido, told both parties to take some time to work on their marriage, asking Dilia to go seek for medical attention in order to ascertain if his condition can be treated or not.



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