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Woman Admitted Cheating On After He Divorced Her Of Infidelity, She Attacked Him & Revealed This

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A marriage that lasted only 7 years with a product of 2 children has come to its end after a man filed a divorce for his cheating wife, whom his mother never supported him to marry.

He complained about receiving rumours from his friends about seeing her in unusual and strange places, he said that his wife would always have perfect cover up response to tell him, she’s too good at that. “The other time I received a report about different cars usually dropping her at the next block before she treks home and she told me that she was meeting a new client and baiting him to thinking that she might be interested in his advances, when she gets what she needed, she will bail, giving me the utmost assurance that it was just her playing along and nothing attached. I believed her so that was how I stopped listening to those rumours”, he said.

The different cars usually dropping her off a block away from home stopped, but the ploy to make her husband believe she was respecting his wishes, “after a while, I stopped hearing rumours about her. Everything was all fine until I started noticing some changes about her, new hairstyle every week, new clothes, bags, shoes every day, new and expensive things every day that I couldn’t even explain how she got them, when I ask she says it’s all investment, she said she invests in good clothings to blend into her targeted societal niche, an investment and money she was making but she has never actually contributed one naira to the house. She will always complain of not having money”.

The husband said he became worried that those rumours he used to hear might actually be true that his wife may be cheating on him, so he hired a lady to monitor his wife’s movements, and that was how he confirmed the news that he dreaded to hear. He filed for divorce immediately on the grounds of infidelity. It didn’t end there, after pleading and playing the blame game didn’t work for her, his now ex-wife started attacking him on whatsapp and calling him a weak man who could not provide luxury for his family like every other wealthy man, she also revealed that he is likely not to be the father of the 2 children.



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