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Why Do Married Men Keep Quiet And Take Rubbish From Their Wives?

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Let me use my uncle as an example here...

This is a very hardworking man who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't watch football and doesn't womanize.
An extreme introvert who doesn't even keep friends but he got married to a very temperamental woman but it wasn't so initially.
Shade (not real name) was very loving when they first met, it was love at first sight..
Though she was the outgoing, party starter type, but she was a good cook, and like egbon said, she can allow him have sex with her anywhere and anytime.

Her promiscuous side wasn't in the open all these while.
How she manage to keep it a secret is still a mystery though egbon is someone who is always busy at work and the wife though a graduate choose to learn hairdressing to keep herself busy.

Shade is a very pretty woman. When I mean pretty, I mean extremely pretty.. If you are seeing her for the first time, you will believe she is an half caste.
But she get angry for no reason, small argument or admonishing, she can just get angry, get out of the house and egbon will looking for her..
Maybe it was because of the beauty or the good food, or the not denying of sex, I don't know (egbon always believe with time, he can tame her) but she had a great influence over egbon..

Even when the family was beginning to notice her bad attitude, egbon choose her over the family cos he really love her, he loved her pass love self...

Egbon wasn't well to do when they met, he was living in a face me I slap you house wherr they share toilet with everyone..

While they live together, it is sometimes 1-0-1 or 0-1-1 or 0-0-1 but she stood by him all through that time..
So they got married despite almost everyone was against it.

The real problem started when she started giving birth.
She threw caution to the wind and became abusive. She was very strict to family members, manipulative and self centered...
She came from a broken home anyways, she was raised by her mother but in all fairness, her mother was a good woman who doesn't love trouble and she often wonder where her daughter got her own skuchy from..
Omo, shade get serious craze o..

After 3 kids, egbon couldn't tolerate her again.. She keep late nights and she doesn't even come home most times.
Egbon endured her for 12years before he let her go leaving the kids behind..

She was free to do whatever she wanted.
Let me just fast forward to years later when egbon has sent his kids abroad, he didn't remarry but kept a girlfriend after years of begging him to do so..

While egbon suffered the torture and torment of his wife, he didn't bring the matter to the family, though they know what he was going through..

Many years later, aunty came back using her kids as excuse.

The flower tattoo she drew on her shoulder was already looking like an ugwu leave during harmattan.
Because she was beautiful, her thoughts everyday was maybe someone like dangote or otedola will just wife her..
She is the lazy type that wants to live the lifestyle of alakija.

This is not a fiction.. How come I know so much?

I started living with egbon when I was 14yrs old. My own eyes too see pepper and shege..

Why egbon endured it all was because of the kids.
Most times, egbon said he wished he can run away but the kids keep holding him down cos even on her kids, she no dey get mercy..
My own wife too na dangbana choko and immediately she gave birth to the second child, I catapult am go abroad. The only diff be say, my own wife can die for her kids..

So let's have it. Why do married men keep quiet and tolerate nonsense in their matrimony?

What prompt me to write this story?
He just called me now from the USA and we talked and laughed about so many things he went through. Even him self now dey claim hard guy.


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