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Train your male child to be a virgin

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In today's world it seems it's only females that care about their virginity.  What of males , is it not important to them?. .Sex education are being thought to females, . Does it mean men don't need it as well? 

 The rate of  child molestation keep increasing everyday because men are not trained to have moral guide by there parents,  they are not thought the implications,  they don't know there right from wrong ,  unless few people with bible trained conscience or people from Highly religious family not that they are thought but because they see immorality as sin. 

  However,  anyone can be molested or raped depending on the person helpless condition. .Be it a boy or man or girl or woman..

We have hear stories of how a house maid sucks the penis of her madams boy. .

In a forum a woman relates and I quote " I always notice my 4yrs old boy's Penis is always erected and sometimes I see something creamy on the cap hole of his Penis,we went to the hospital and Dr confirm that my boys Penis was sucked to cum , so now he feels the urge dats why his Penis is elected " you can now imagine a 4yrs old boy having sexual libido 

My house help romanced my little brother (he alerted us immediately because he was thought) 

A viral video of 13yrs old girl and 8yrs old boy sucked and fingered themselves.

A man-server raped a boy through anal .. So don't think males can't be molested 

If after training a female and she go out there and meet a boy who's guard is low what do you think will happen?

       Mothers it's your duty to educate your male child about sex

Teach them according to there age

Tell them their private parts it's function and name

Scream or report who ever that touched them inappropriately 

Refuse any gift especially when you know it's for selfish reasons 

Even when threatened to kill report first 

Let your male children be close to you,  listen to them,  don't cut them at the middle of there complian

Make them feel loved and secured

Tell then the disadvantages of the action 

Tell them , Speak to them, make them understand 

Be careful the kind of friends your children keep, and where they go to, not because there are males therefore nothing to b afraid of.. They might be raped by their fellow men 

NB.. if your male child learn to be sexually active from childhood, they will have sex or rape or molest all the females you have trained to be a virgin .....




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Things are really happening in this world

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