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Men Would Never Expose Their Cheating Wives For A Number Of Reasons Unlike Women Who Will At Every Slightest Opportunity

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Men are not as skilled as women in hiding their tracks when it comes to cheating, they are mostly been found out by their wives or been implicated by their greedy side chicks.

Women are used to playing the victims where as there are more women cheaters out there, they appear to look mistreated and vulnerable because women are very good actors, they can summon their emotions so fast and communicate sympathy in you in a moment.

An average Nigerian man puts in a lot of work into his marriage to make it work more than women, but the men will never admit it because they don’t want to feel emasculated and ego-bruised. Nigerian men are programmed to live under the culture of silence; some men had to endure some unimaginable things from their wives in order to keep their marriages.

Men have been accused of being dogs and cheats by women simply because they are not as skilled and intelligent as women in hiding their tracks after a cheat, as well as women do, besides it is quite easier for women to cheat than men, I mean how difficult is it for a woman to work to get sex from a man?

There are number of reasons why a man would hardly expose his wife’s promiscuity if he really loves his wife, the reasons are;

1. A man would never want his wife to lose the regards and respect that people around him already has for her, for you can joke with a man but never take the joke closer to his wife because this is where his boundaries are drawn, because a man’s wife is his pride.
2. Nigerian men are terrified of divorce, they deny it all the time but they really are, they are scared of divorce because they are the ones who invest a lot in their marriages and wouldn’t want to lose all that to start over. Contrary to popular beliefs men badly want to keep their homes, in Nigeria women file for divorce more than men do.
3. To men, a cheating wife might translate to them not performing well in bed or they aren’t taking good care of their wives’ sexual or financial needs, so it lands on his ego making men to question themselves if they are really doing enough or being man enough to take care of their families. Some women play the blame game and lode it over their husbands of being responsible for their promiscuity, so because it is a man’s responsibility to protect the integrity of his family, he tends to swallow the matter.
4. And for the sake of the children.

If a man doesn’t really love his wife who cheated on him, he might divorce her quietly, that is why you will never understand the main reason why some couples divorced, no one will hear about it. On the other hand a typical Nigerian woman has no problem letting the world know that her husband cheated because it is not her responsibility to protect the integrity of her marriage, she will generalize it to all men and label them with sorts of names, then go ahead to divorce him. But if she actually decides to forgive, then she wants to let the whole world to know that she forgave her husband and then be counted as one of the wise virtuous woman who saved her marriage.

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