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Men Should Stop Ranting About Their Girlfriends Dumping Them for Another Man After Putting Them Through Schools, They Only Paid For Services Rendered And Not For Her Soul.

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It’s so disgusting to hear grown men cry about their girlfriends dumping them to marry another or probably a better man after taking care of the financial needs of her and her family members. If a man wants to help a woman, he should do it because he wants to help her and not because she is girlfriend or because he wants to be getting sex from her.

A man is not generous when he spends money on his girlfriend or pays her bills, he’s only paying for whatever services rendered at the moment. A kind and generous man is a man who solves other people’s financial problems who are in real need without expecting something in return, people always confuse that with man taking over financial responsibility of the girl that he wants to take as his wife.

Piece of advice to men; avoid the embarrassments, paying bills for a woman who is not already your wife is not your responsibility; it’s her father’s, unless you want to render help without benefits. There are millions of female graduates if you so desire to have a wife as a graduate. And also a man who hits his girlfriend because he found her with another man should be locked up, even if he spent all his life savings to on her, he has no rights.

Finally, a girl you helped financially owes you absolutely nothing even after she finds another man to marry, don’t let Nollywood movies deceive you into making you believe that one village shrine will come and fight for you in the name of karma.


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You are correct my brother, it's service rendered so it should be a win win thing.


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