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How To stop argument between spouse
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Are you and your spouse unable to discuss things calmly?   Does it feel as if your always taking a minefield in which any step could set off an explosive dispute? 

  First you need to find out why you and your spouse argue so much 

              Why it happens 

* misunderstanding 

* differences

* poor role model 

* deeper concern 

Differences: no matter how compatible you and your spouse may seem to be, your views in some matters will differ because no two people are exactly a like, and this can add either variety or tension to the marriage.. 

Poor role model : if your parents talk disrespectfully to each other and always argue . there children will never learn to show respect when married 

Deeper feeling : some times for example, a dispute that starts with "your always late" may not be about the need for punctuality but about one feeling that he or she has been treated inconsiderately 

           What can you do

When things are calm try these exercise 

* on a separate sheet of paper each of u should write down the topic of the recent arguement. Tell him how your feel...Open Your mind  and say it all

* before involving in a argument with your spouse.. Ask yourself was the matter Really that serious?  Could it have been over looked,,. . For the sake of peace you might choose to agree to disagree and to cover over the matter with love 

* always apologize to each other and consider the matter settled 

* sometimes It's  best To be silent when your spouse is overly angry, even when your not at fault at the moment, try to remain cool and talk it out later... 

* better still before the argument start if possible walk away 

* never compare your marriage with another persons..... 



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Nice piece... Though Marriage is not for everyone.

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@splendour sure 


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