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[Sticky] User Guide (Video and Pics) of How To Make A Post On Gistcity Africa Forum

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To make a post on this forum is quite easy and simple to learn. Here are the easy steps to take with pictures:


1.   First of all Login to your account. Then determine the Thread which the topic of your discussion falls under. There are many threads to select from which falls under the category of topics you are posting about. Note that your post topic must correspond with your selected thread, else your post will be edited by the moderators.

2.   The circled write ups are the threads. Click on the thread, for example say “Business/Investment” and the page below uploads.

3.   Select “Add topic”.

4.   Type the title of your discussion and the body, when you are done, select the “Add topic” button under. Your discussion is now published. As simple as that…

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Wonderful nice one 

knowledge is power .......always be informed

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Nice one sir

Splendour liked

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