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How To Make Bournvi...
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How To Make Bournvita At Home

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300g of Cocoa powder
250g of Icing sugar
250g of Milk flavouring powder
120g of Powder milk
1 Egg white

Get a clean dry bowl, pour in your cocoa powder, Icing sugar & mix very well, add your milk flavouring powder, the powder milk & mix, break your egg remove d yolk, use only d white water & mix everything together till its all blend very well.
Use your hand to mix, then put in oven to dry very well, u will notice that it is done in d next 10 to 15mins but if u don't have oven u can use stove or gas. U can double d pot, make sure u don't allow it to get burn.
Some use more than one egg but I decided to use 1 & it came out well.
Best of luck to u all.

Pour in d powder milk before d egg white

If u want to do Milo use d same method but d only thing is that d powder milk will be much than the cocoa powder.


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