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Using cucumber for ...
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Using cucumber for weight loss
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Though commonly known as veggies, cucumber is actually a fruit.. It's high In beneficial nutrient that may help treat and even prevent some conditions.. 

   Cucumber are low in calories and contain a good amount of water and soluble fiber making them ideal for promoting and aiding in weight loss 

    To maximize their nutrient content , cucumber should be eaten unpeeled for peeling them reduces the amount of fiber as well as certain vitamins and minerals.. 

          To help loss tummy fat or weight 

 *   Take some sliced cucumbers and 3 boiled eggs as breakfast 

* Blend 1cucumber, 1lemon juice,  1tablespoon of grated ginger ,2tablespoons of aloe Vera juice all in one cup of water.. 

* Eat cucumber everyday,  as often as possible 

NB . . Both lemon and ginger help in boosting metabolism ,thus garnering weight loss . Also ginger has antioxidants Which help in reducing inflammation and smoothening digestion .. While aloe Vera can reduce lipid level.. Not only does it boost metabolism ,it also helps in aiding weight loss . .. .


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