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Remedies For Reducing Breast Pain After Breastfeeding
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Some mothers experience breast pain after they stop nursing. Sudden weaning leads to some problems like: plugged ducts, engorgement, and mastitis, therefore it's best to stop weaning gradually.... 

   Reasons For Stopping Breastfeeding

1..sore or painful breast:

first time mothers find breastfeeding uncomfortable as a result, they suffer form cracked nipple and painful breast .. For some the pains makes them stop breastfeeding.... I experienced the same but didn't stop ....

2... Not Enough Milk

Some mothers worry that the milk they're producing isn't enough for their babies need. Especially those with big breasts 

3... Career

Some moms will like to rejoin work immediately after childbirth ..And Most times expressing milk before leaving home may not b possible 

4... Grown up baby .

5.. Death of a baby

6..infections from the mother... Eg HIV, AIDS ....etc 

              Remedies For Breast Pain

*..Take a warm water can easy d flow of accumulated milk from them.. A hot compress can also give relief from pain

*..Apply a cold pack.. Take some cubes of ice put in a hand towel..then put them in side your bra .. It reduces the swelling and the pain

Place a cabbage leave over your breast 

Take a cabbage leave( those part we throw away)  put 4 pieces in a fridge allow to block or get chilled, then place it on your breast and put on a firm bra...after some hrs you can try the remaining 2

Sleep adequately 

Take enough water or fluid to avoid dehydration and fever 

Take pain relief medications .....


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And I used to think that big breasts produces excess milk. Now they are saying that is produces little.

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