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Maintaining a healt...
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Maintaining a healthy weight loss
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We all know that weight loss is 80% of our diets and exercise routine respectively.. 

     You can't get that tremendous result you desire if you don't work on your eating habits.. 

     Adopting a healthier eating life style is one of the best way to get a faster result as you journey your way through weight loss.. 

    However, making one or two weight loss sacrifice Eg . Going meatless for a day or two, eating oil less meal to cut down excess calories is another way to achieve your desired body goals quick without struggling so much for it.. 

     Therefore ,  as you go for weekend shopping, remember that shopping decisions will affect your progress either positively or negatively...

                 Shop smart

                Go for wholesome meals 

                Get fresh food, fruits and veggies 


    Avoid sugary foods 

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