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How To Harness Your...
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How To Harness Your Habits
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1... Be Realistic:

It is tempting to try change everything in your life immediately. You can try to stop smoking ,eating junk, stop staying up late at night, start exercising etc. . 

          What you can do

* Create a list of habits u would like to get rid of,  and the one you will like to build 

* choose a few habit one or two and focus in it. .Speed up the process 

2... Manage your environment : experience have shown that people we spent time will influence our success in building good habit and break bad ones.. 

* you can resolve to eat better, but your love for junks won't let u

* you decide to quit smoking but friends who knows you are trying to quit offers u cigarette.

* you planned to exercise today, but your searching all closet for your running shoes.

       What can you do

* make it harder to do wrong thing: Eg,  if your trying to eliminate junk from your diet, try not to keep any at all around the house ,by so doing giving in will require some effort 

* make it easier to do right.. Eg if u plan exercise first thing in the morning,  set the exercise clothing next to your bed the night before. The easier it is to get started the more likely you are to follow through .

* choose friends carefully..we are tend to become like the people we spend time with. So limit contact with people who encourage habit ur trying to break . 

  The first week you meet your goal

  The second week you miss a day

  The third week you were back on track 

  The fourth week you barely exercise once

  The fifth week you reach your goal again and from that point forward you meet it each day.. 

 NB..  Do not conclude that relapse is a permanent failure, expect to face some set back as you work towards your goal 

Focus on time when things are right 

What count in the end is, not how many times we fail but how many times we get up again ......


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