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Dealing With Low IQ...
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Dealing With Low IQ Child
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What is IQ.. It is the level of understanding or intelligence or the ability to adapt or do things..  An IQ is said to b low when it's below 85%..which makes the understanding of a child poor.. 

    Causes of low IQ in a child

* genetic condition such as down syndrome 

* injuries such as head trauma 

* illness such as meningitis and seizures disorder 

*labor & delivery problems such as not getting enough oxygen at birth 

    How to help a low IQ child

* Read to Improve Verbal and Linguistics Intelligence. .. .

Linguistic intelligence . Is the ability to process information using words and languages . Reading not only help to improve language which is necessary for communication. It also keeps our mind sharp.. Starting to read early may not only help in the growth of the child's intelligence, but it may also benefit a wider range of congenitive abilities that are crucial ,later in the life.. ..

* play With Blocks To Improve Their Spatial

Spatial is the ability to imagine pictures in your mind,  so puzzles ,building blocks, games, craft, toy figurines. . These are tools that can help . So give them time and space to play with these tools.. Blocks and construction play is particularly important and beneficial As it gives the child multiple learning  oopportunities... 

When building structure or engaging in block play.. They discover spatial awareness and develop their spatial intelligence 

* Believe In Them

Always believe in their ability no matter the average .It impact more on them.. Your words and actions and the believe you have in them will impact them to life

* Praise There Effort To Develop A Growth Midset 

Praise is most effective when it is focused  on the process and commitment not on end result  ..

  Alway b specific when praising them because children need a good dose of encouragement to spur their learning.. ..

Treat them fairly as part of you

Never over look them

Give them needed care and attention 

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