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List Of Our Services at FEIL Human Resource

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We stand out with our excellent services to our clients, based on our experiences,so here are the list of services we offer our clients at FEIL Human Resource.


Staff Training
Customized training programs are available for our clients. These training programs are developed on the basis of critical needs analysis of the client organizations. These programs address areas of concern such as *Customer Services, *Procurement, *Team Building *staff work ethics, *Human Resource Management *Marketing and other performance improvement based strategies.


Recruitment Services
FEIL Human Resource helps in finding suitable workers for establishment either full time or part time employment. [Price Negotiable]


Business Management
FEIL Human Resource assists business owners to run their businesses effectively, by installing our own professional staffs and returning profits to the business owner.


Background Verification
FEIL Human Resource help employers/business owners to verify the background details of their existing staff. Employers have come to understand that it is important to know who works for them.
Candidates have been known to secure appointments using false background data. This could be hazardous for employers as issues of confidentiality and professional competency may be compromised. We assist such organizations to handle the verification process.


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