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Kymac Links & Services Ltd: Are You Looking For Job Or A Productive Staff?

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We have been providing training, recruitment and management services since 2011 to the list of the following organizations:

-Multinational Companies

-Commercial & Microfinance Banks              -NGO

-Co-operative Organizations                         -Security Companies  

-Hotels                                                                 -Communication Companies

-Departmental Shops                                      -Transport Companies

-Schools                                                               -Marketing Companies

-Supermarkets                                                   -Dispatching Companies

-Oil Servicing Companies                                -Cleaning Companies

-Law Firms                                                          -Event Companies

-Auditing Firms                                                  -Homes

-Business Centres                                             -Restaurants

-Pharmacies                                                       -Gardens

-Boutiques                                                          -Hair Dressing Salons

-Spa                                                                     -Real Estate

-Labs                                                                   -Eateries

-Ushers For Social & Co-operate Events

Our Core Area Of Interest




- Recruitment of personnel to organisation.

- Training services, - Human resource agent, - Marketing representative.



We offer training services to the following categories of staff: 

- High Level Staff

- Middle Level Staff, - Low Level Staff.


Orientation for Professionals

Professionals like:

- Pharmacists,

- Lab Scientists, - Architects, 

- Engineers, - Accountants.



Since the invention of Uber services, Kymac Links and Services has successfully managed cars for its clients.



Since incorporation, Kymac Links and Services has partnered with renowned agricultural consultants in training artisans and bringing in seeds for agricultural purposes.


Care Giver

Kymac Links and Services have well trained personnel that takes care of aged parents, sick relatives and accident victims. These services includes:- Bathing, -Feeding, - Changing of dipers, - Taking them for check ups, etc.



Contact Us @ 08066126594, 09055911112





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