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Geez African Hair Show Set To Create Opportunities For Hairstylists In Africa

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The first African hair reality television show, Geez African Hair Show is set to hit the Nigerian airwaves in the second quarter of 2022

The show which was packaged by Adaln Technologies was designed to focus on the development of the beauty and fashion industry by creating awareness and opportunity for hairstylists, beauty and fashion players in the country.

The open market show also centred on modeling, hair styling, and promoting SME’s in the beauty and fashion industry and will likewise provide solutions to the barriers to growth, core challenges, converting theoretically gotten best practices to “situation on ground”.

Briefing journalists to herald the event which is coming up in May, 2022 in Abuja yesterday, chief executive officer of Adaln Technologies, Salifu Ernest said the aim of the show was to become a global brand in years to come; starting from Abuja, Nigeria with innovative idea to ensure rapid business growth and productivity that will lead to the creation and development of the beauty and fashion.

He said, “GEEZ is a beauty and fashion global village that creates the meeting point for fashion designers/makers, hair stylists, beauty companies, and their customers, this technological innovation deals with the problem of distance, trust, efficiency, and time wastage experienced over the years.

This surely will improve on growth since it enhances quick and easy product distribution and without doubt will lead us to increasing revenue generation, profit growth and favorably competing with other leading brands in the fashion-technology business online platform.

During the show, there will be the launch of GEEZ Beauty Market Place App; Nigeria’s biggest techno-fashion online platform, a mobile application developed to intrigue its clients with our innovating beauty and fashion-tech solutions while also identifying with the uniqueness with each of the client.


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Jeez! I hope they take in apprentices?

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