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*If allowed to grow for their whole lifetime, the human hair can grow up to 725km.

*Lying causes your nose temperature to increase👃.

*Women have more pain receptors than men

*A moonbow is a rainbow that happens at night 🌈.

*The human brain has the memory capacity which is the equivalent of 4terabytes on a hard disk.

*Armadillos have shells so hard it can deflect a bullet

* Kawah Ijen is the only volcano in the world that sprouts blue lava.

*A human could swim through a blue whale's  veins🐋

* The human heart is appropriately equal to the size of a person's fist.however an adults heart weighs up to 220-260grams

I hope to see you all in new year.seasons greetings #staysafe

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Nice fun facts post...

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