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How to Print Your National Identity Card Online.

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How To Print National ID Card Online

Given the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the need to maintain social distancing, and the sheer inconvenience of queuing in a line in front of an office to carry out the exercise of obtaining your National Identification card, the NIMC is hereby offering a sit at home solution within the MWS MobileID App.


The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has now made it convenient for Nigerians to use the just launched NIMC Mobile App to get their National ID cards entirely online so that you can use it in place of a physical ID card. You no longer have to wait forever for the Plastic Card to be ready.


The app is very easy to use, according to NIMC. it has good features and it only requires your full National Identification Number (NIN), your Mobile Number, and a PIN to protect the app.

For as many that have been keeping the Nationa Identity Slip containing your NIN, for a very long time, it is time to now get your original ID card using this simplified online process. Just follow these steps:


Download the NIMC Mobile ID App

First, you have to download the NIMC Mobile ID app, powered by its mobile services platform (MWS) via this link:

It’s available for Android and iOS users.


Input Your NIN and Mobile Number

After downloading and installing the NIMC Mobile ID app, the next step is to correctly enter your 11-digit national identity number (NIN) found on your national identity slip. In case you cannot remember or find your NIN, you can dial *324# via Nigerian SIM cards only. Do not input your bank verification code (BVN) as your NIN to avoid being blacklisted.


Select +234 as your phone country code if that is not the default selection before entering your remaining 10-digit mobile number. Use the mobile number registered with your NIN. Ensure that you do not make any errors when filling in your information and check again to correct any mistakes. Click ‘next’ on the top far right.


Read the Attestation and Click “I Agree” to Continue

Now read through the attestation carefully, and hit the ‘I Agree’ button to proceed to the next step.


Enter Your Preferred PIN twice and click “Finish”

Fill in your chosen PIN twice. Be sure it is one you can easily remember or you may choose to write it down as well. Click ‘Finish’ to go to the final stage.


Congratulations, You’re Almost There

This is the last stage where the NIMC Mobile ID app’s user interface displays all your command options. Click on ‘Show my ID’ and your national identity card is ready for download.


Nigerian National ID Card

Voila! You now have your Nigerian national identity card.

Note that you must have a NIN issued by the Federal Government to complete the process. This means if you haven’t applied or enrolled with the NIMC, you are not eligible for a National ID card. Enrollment for the National ID card is free according to the Head of Corporate Communications of NIMC, Kayode Adegoke.

According to what is written on the site, a new version of the app is still propagating with the server.

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