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Murdered Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga's Cousin Says He Was Stabbed Multiple Times And Bound With Rope That Cut Into His Hands

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Barrister Franklin, cousin to Slain Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga revealed in an Interview with Crimefighters that he was stabbed multiple times and his hands were so badly tied up that the rope entered his skin:

This is a video Interview that was transcribed into text for those that could not listen for several reasons....
He said

''Usifo is the third son in the family of four. He has two younger brothers and a younger sister, his siblings all live abroad. Usifo was raised by very good parents in a Christian matter. He is a guy who has business in his DNA, he likes to do business.
What I can tell you about Usifo is that, he is very respectful, he would never hurt a fly. He loves people and he goes beyond his immediate family to know his cousins and uncles.

I have had the very regrettable privilege of seeing that dead body five times. My cousin's hands were tied so badly that the rope entered his skin. The rope is right there as an exhibit with the police.

That binding could not have been done by that lady alone, not possible, even if he was drugged. It is not possible because I saw the lady and I saw my cousin and I said this is not possible.

Apart from the fact that he was tied, there were multiple stabs on his body, that's correct , So that story of two stabs and neck is not true. He was stabbed in other places, his leg.

In fact in Yaba mortuary, the attendants were so dramatic that they told us clearly. The stabbing here (his stomach) was so bad it is a hole, the guy stuck his two fingers into my cousin's body in my presence, I am serious, he was stabbed here(his neck) deliberately twice, not that he was just stabbed no, it was deliberate and on his body multiple stabs''



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