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Hilarious!! Motorbike Riding Thugs Snatched Phone From Policeman Directing Traffic (Video)

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In what has been dubbed on social media as one of the most daring stunts Nairobi robbers have unleashed in the recent past, a police officer controlling traffic at the Roysambu roundabout on Thika Road in Nairobi, lost his phone to criminals aboard a motorcycle in a split second incident

The brazen theft was reportedly recorded on a motorist’s dashboard camera a few minutes past 5pm on Tuesday, July 6.

In a mind-blowing video, the police officer is seen communicating on the phone while controlling traffic on a busy roundabout.

As he was busy multitasking, three daring young men who were riding on a motorbike emerged from the blues and snatched his phone and sped off.

The incident happened so fast that the cop was left tongue-tied and perplexed.

Shocked, the officer attempted to run after the robbers, but gave up – almost immediately – on realising they had significantly widened the distance.

Appearing confused, the cop went to a nearby okada rider, who was watching the happenings quietly, and engaged him in a brief talk.

The video ends by showing the officer controlling traffic, in what some online users termed as the “swift acceptance of what had happened”.

Several social media users condemned the incident, wondering what the criminals would do to civilians who have no security training or protective equipment like police officers.

Well, Check out the video below :


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