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Amotekun Arrest school kids

Sire Tom General
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A viral video of armed men believed to be members of the Amotekun vigilante group arresting school children for behaving like Naira Marley has caused an uproar on social media. The video shared by Kayode Ogundamisi on Saturday showed the school children packed into a Toyota Hilux van.

A woman running a commentary in the video claimed that the children (in school uniforms) were all taken from the bush. She said one calls himself Naira Marley. “These ones are criminals in the school … bad influence on others,” she said.

Here is the full video:

While the teacher in the video seems to think this is a good move, Twitter users have mixed reactions. Most of them are outraged at the incident.

See what people are saying about Amotekun arresting school children:

Here is one of the few tweets that support the action:

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