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We FM106.3 Abuja Takes the Fight Against Misinformation to another level with “Bloggers Hangout” Show

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We FM106.3 Abuja Takes the Fight Against Misinformation to another level with “Bloggers Hangout” Show.

One of the leading Broadcasting Stations in Nigeria, WeFm 106.3 Abuja in its determination to support the fight against fake news and disinformation in Nigeria has introduced “Bloggers Hangout Show on its frequency every Thursday of the week and four times a month.

The show which also aims at dishing out verified information to the Listeners across the globe via digital media platforms uses fact-finding tools to verify any information before they are being disseminated as well as fact-checking tools to detect the authenticity of any news that may cause havoc within the digital space.

According to Abuja Based Blogger, Dotun Roy, the founder of, who also doubles as the Host of the show said there couldn’t have been any better show than Bloggers Hangout which seeks to improve the quality of Information from media platforms.

“The Bloggers Hangout Show is quite a timely and imperative show at this period in Nigeria where several unverified information is being used to cause distraction, chaos, and conflicts by unscrupulous persons.

“As Professional Bloggers, we often realize that most blame is being targeted at the Bloggers and digital media practitioners, whenever issues of fake news and disinformation are being mentioned in any public forum. That’s the more reason we, the Bloggers must prioritize anything that will continue to raise awareness against misinformation within the media sector.

“Aside from combating fake news, Bloggers Hangout is an hour full packaged show with several exciting segments that are educative and informative to the Listeners across the globe. The acceptance has been massive, he said.

Head of Station We Fm Abuja, Benjamin Ubiri who is popularly known as “Ben 200” while speaking on the impacts that Bloggers Hangout has been creating since its first edition in February said, we launched this show in February because of the need to also take the lead in combating misinformation and disinformation which has continued to devalue media and journalism in Nigeria.

“We came up with Bloggers’ Hangout because we are aware that misinformation travels faster within the digital space than on conventional media platforms”

“We believe the positive impacts of this show will continue to bring about change in the media practice in Nigeria. Ubiri said.”

You can be part of this program every Thursday on WEFM 106.3 Abuja.



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