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Divorce: Singer Pau...
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Divorce: Singer Paul Okoye’s Wife, Anita, Demands N7.8m Monthly Spousal Support

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Anita Okoye, the estranged wife of Nigerian music star Paul Okoye (Rudeboy), has demanded he pay $15,000 (N7.8M) monthly as spousal support.⁣

This is part of the demands she made in the petition she filed before an Abuja High Court.⁣⁣ “Payment of a monthly maintenance sum of $15,000.00 (N7.8m) for the general welfare, education and health of the three children of the union who are presently in schools in the United States of America until they are of age," part of the document read.⁣ Morning Prayers

Recall that a divorce petition filed by Anita at the Federal High Court, Abuja leaked on the internet. PulseNG reports that She also advised her now estranged husband in the legal document to challenge the petition if he feels disgruntled.⁣

Anita first sparked divorce rumours in April when it was reported that she relocated with their three children to the United States of America.⁣ Anita and Paul who were university sweethearts got married in 2014 in a very flamboyant wedding ceremony held in Port Harcourt.⁣

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He either pays up or he can say goodbye to performing in USA! ANd since the children are american citizens, she can put a claim against his USA homes, the condo is worth over $1 million. She's a smart woman & that's his karma for trying to ruin his twins marriage & trying to humiliate his wife over her age, meanwhile his marriage with his young wife had gone cold & he was sleeping with the maids till he impregnated one of them!! - amaoge.chukwu

If you hv money in Nigeria just know a lady is marrying you because of that money not for any love..U guys should learn - IG User

Don’t be afraid to love someone, there are still millions of people happily married out there, most importantly, hold on to God, work on yourself before planning to work on someone else, understand yourself and learn to tolerate. If your male partner is rich, just pray he gives you maximum respect because it’s very difficult for rich men not to cheat because if musa refuses to go to the mountain, the mountain will come to musa. Thank you - IG User



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