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How To Retrieve Your Money Back From Online Scammer

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About 20% of social media users have been scammed at a time or the other, either in small or large amounts and it's so disheartening. 

When this happens, so many people dont always know what to do, so I will be sharing with you things to do when you discover that an account you paid for a service or good has blocked you from reaching them:

👉🏾1. Do a screenshot of all previous chats on all social media platforms(FB, IG and WhatsApp)

👉🏾2. Write out the full name and account details of the person or page

👉🏾3.Go to the last notification your bank sent to you after the payment was made ( Through text or mobile app)

👉🏾4. Copy out the "TRANSACTION ID NUMBER" From the last notification your bank sent you after the payment was made

👉🏾5. Visit ny branch of the scammer bank and ask to see the customer service in charge of fraud.

👉🏾6. If possible, print out all the chats with the scammer, and submit, while still in the bank, send a mail to scammers bank and copy CBN FRAUD DESK,( This will enable the bank to act on it fast.

What will this step do?

The scammer account will be placed on hold, meaning that he/she cannot withdraw or transfer to that account until he/she visits the bank and when they do the the bank will contact the police and the suspect when proven guilty will sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money🤷🏾‍♀️

Copied from Rita Egwu

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So close ......

Nice shot


knowledge is power .......always be informed


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