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54 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria in 2021

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1) Transportation Business

2)Delivery company

3)Mobile Food Vendor

4) Mini importation

5) Drop-shipping

6) Co-working spaces

7)Short-stay apartments

8)Yoga studio

9)Anti-aging spa

10)Skincare line

11)Solar energy sales and installation

12)Animation expert on Fiverr

13)Bakery Business

14)Wine Production and distribution

15)Make Money on YouTube

16) Interior Decor

17)Sales and installation of 3D wallpapers

18) Marriage counseling

19) Production and sales of detergents/perfumes

20) Consultancy Business

21) Makeup business

22) Shoe manufacturing

23) Fashion design

24) Car wash

25)Niche blogging

26)Custom clothing

27)Event MC

28) Professional photographer

29)Fitness instructor

30)Barbing salon

31)Cake business


33)Poultry farming

34)E-book Publishing

35)Social media influencing

36)Amazon Kindle Publishing

37)Affiliate marketing


39)Online/offline Jewelry shop

40)Shoe line

41Sales of Hair weaves/ wigs

42)Uber Driver

43)Become a GOTV Agent

44) Waste Management business

45) Confectionery business

46) Event management

47)Healthy fast-food restaurants

48)Mobile phone and accessories sales

49)Car dealer

50)Daycare/ Crèche

51)Cooking gas sales

52)Home tutor

53) Fish farming

54) Bag making,

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